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Re: Vortex problem

The two weak links on the Vortex are the rotary encoder and the external power supply.  One way to avoid wear and tear on the encoder is to use an external footswitch to change program values.


On Wed, Dec 10, 2008 at 10:14 AM, Mikkoz <biffoz@gmail.com> wrote:
The rotary encoders are notorious for early failure.  They're almost always the problem.  I've had a couple repaired by Lexicon, but I've also had them sent them to me and installed them  myself semi-successfully. (one screwup with overheating and destroying the pot).  I've had 6 or 7 Vortexes and one last one in my rack that acts semi-weird and I'm really starting to become very of dealing with them. Gotta find something new for parallel stereo tweakage!