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Greetings loopers,

I have been lurking on this mailing list for a couple of years and thought 
it was about time I introduced myself and started to get involved in some 
your wonderful discussions.

I'm based in Kent in south-east England and I have been playing music on 
various instruments for most of my life. I got my first guitar for my 16th 
birthday (over 30 years ago!) it became my main instrument. I also took up 
the cello five or six years ago.

I'm mainly a free improvisor, although I also dabble in computer based 
composition and various other odd musical projects.

My first 'proper' looping device was a Vortex and I started using a DL4 
soonafter they became available. I started experementing with Mobius last 
year and have been spending more time learning it recently. Next Wednesday 
I'm doing my first public guitar/laptop/Mobius performance in London.

I have learned a lot from reading this list and beem introduced to a huge 
amount of great music. I look forward to getting involved with future 
discussions and being part of your lovely looping community.

Best wishes to you all,


p.s. If anyone' interested there are some short sound clips on the 
page of my very out of date website. The 'Evrah/Steve track has some DL4 
looping, and 'cello loop No 1' was my first Mobius recording, although 
over a year old and not representative of where I am now. There's also 
details of next week's gig on the 'performances' page.