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Re: ART Regular Output vs. Inspiration

Hey bro,
excellent topic Rick ma man!
Ive also found myself in the last few years getting involved more in other 
peoples projects more than on my own.Why that is... i dont know perhaps 
searching for those inspiring moments which,compared to the older days 
they dont come as often.But i am also aware that ive joined different 
musical journeys like looping for ex. and other styles of music since i 
came to europe,and with bands and family there is also a lot more to deal 
with now than just sitting by the fire smoking  having a beer and playing 
But one thing that ive found out definetly is that i become more 
productive with deadlines because... u all know self discipline is also a 
big challenge to us artists and musicians.I dont know, but it seems that 
nowdays altough we have evrything available is jsut as hard as in the old 
days because we have to take care of a lot more.So we have become 
"multitask musicians".I remember when i was younger only caring about my 
guitar,my 3 pedals(chorus,distortion,delay)and not even my amp that much(i 
would settle with anything that would amplify my guitar;-) but i also 
remember never having to worry about a fucking P.A. system!It seems to me 
that a lot of the bars back them had somebody taking care of that 
department,now most bars dont have them, and such responsability besides 
traveling expenses should all be automatically included in your fee (and 
dont you dare ask for too much).I also remeber not caring much about 
recording or the quality of it... a small
 tascam multitrack would have me thrilled jumping for days ( mama look 
thats me singing)but now musicians conversations are more about what 
software is better,recording sample rates,virtual amp plugins,rocket 
science etc. than about the wood quality of our instruments, meeting on 
friday night to jam, buying some beers,rolling a good joint and creating 
magic together...
I remember mostly when iwas learning to play my instrument that i just 
wanted to be a descent guitar player,perhaps learn the essential rock 
rhythms and licks required to support and be part of a good band.You know, 
i am not a hippie and wasnt born in that time but  when i see all those 
classic rock bands it seems the last thing they fuckin cared about is the 
sound system,and although they had limited gear they did so much with 
it.All i see in those old videos is them pouring passion as if it was 
their last chance and full of adrenalin(or maybe coke?...)
Things have definetly change....it seems everybody is 
there,independent,with all the latest skills and gear,computer software 
skills ready to push the limits and be present in every website but it 
seems to me that not as many are listening...


--- On Sat, 11/29/08, Rick Walker <looppool@cruzio.com> wrote:

> From: Rick Walker <looppool@cruzio.com>
> Subject: ART Regular Output  vs. Inspiration
> To: "LOOPERS DELIGHT (posting)" <Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com>
> Date: Saturday, November 29, 2008, 3:56 PM
> I heard of a study years ago that I quote to my students all
> the time.
> I heard about this study 2nd or 3rd hand and never actually
> read about it
> and it occurs to me that my telling of it changes slightly
> each time I tell it
> and it might be good to go back and read about the original
> study so I can
> be more accurate in my quoting.
> This may be woefully different than the original (and all
> apologies to academics that
> I might offend with my rather primal and unsophisticated
> oral history approach that I use telling it
> but it is at least illustrative in it's 'big
> yarn' version.
> I'd love it if someone could direct me to the original
> study!!!!
> .  I've googled it without a lot of success.
> (oh Richard Zvonar, where are you my researching genius
> brother)
> For what it's worth, it goes something like this:
> Some Art professors at Stanford University did a study
> where they took a large number
> of visual artists (I think 150 but I"m not sure) and
> for one year they separated them equally into
> to distinct camps.
> The 75 artists from Camp number ONE were told that they
> could create purely from inspiration...............not
> fearing a bad grade
> if they didn't have a large
> output....................'just follow your heart'
> they were enjoined and only create when
> you are inpsired.
> The 75 artists from Camp number TWO were told that they had
> to turn in a finished piece of work on a weekly basis,
> whether they were inspired or
> not.   Whatever it was it had to be finished and it had to
> be a constant weekly output.
> At the end of one year, they took all the artwork together
> and randomized it;  giving it to several prominent art
> critics to
> critique and rate the art.
> Amazingly and consistently,   the artwork from Camp TWO
> (constant output with our without inspiration)  was judged
> to
> be 'better art'  than the artwork of Camp ONE
> (inspiration without necessary constant output).
> *******************
> In the year 2000,  I decided, after hearing about this
> study, that I was going to attempt a full legnth CD a year
> for the rest of my life.
> I was successful for the first four years of the decade and
> my output has fallen off considerably since then (though I
> have 6 completely
> different CD projects in various forms of completion
> because I also gave my self permission not to worry about
> style in my creativity but
> to constantly make music and finish individual pieces.
> Before that, I had made 3 really perfectionistic released
> recordings in my life over the previous 20
> years..............I was very proud of all
> of those recordings.
> But in returning to those CDs, as much as I think I did the
> best I could, artistically,  I realize looking back that
> they were just who I was at the time:
> works in progress, as it were.
> In retrospect, I look back on the first eight years of this
> decade with that production output philosphy behind me that
> I have grown at a vastly more
> rapid pace in my abilities and in my sohpistication as a
> musician because I started to join the Camp TWO approach.
> Ironically,  I've also discovered that the instances of
> very creative 'inspirational' output has gone up
> significantly using this approach so I think I"m
> getting
> the best of both worlds.
> The only drawback I can see using this approach is that it
> makes it more difficult to market oneself to the world at
> large because this approach
> encourages a lot of stylistic diversity which makes it
> tough for people to categorize your recordings in record
> stores and online.
> I think , though,  that I"ve reconciled myself to that
> anyway.