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Re: Alternate Guitar Tunings (OT)

Synchronicity is an interesting thing...
I only have one nice acoustic guitar. It's really well set up and I don't want to change the tuning on it. This morning, as a result of this thread, I was wondering which electric solidbody or semi-hollow or archtop (or should I even use the really cheap Applause acoustic?) to re-string, and I was wishing I had a different, quality acoustic guitar to try Nashville tuning.
Lo and behold, 10 minutes ago I got a call from Nashville. The Amistar Tricone Resonator that I had ordered like 5 months ago had finally arrived (Amistar's only US distributor is in Nashville). So in about a week and a half I will have a killer brass-bodied tricone resophonic monster! :) :) :)
Any opinions ons using a resphonic guitar with this tuning? This is my first resonator, and I originally ordered it so I would have a killer slide guitar. Do Nashville tuning and slide go together?
I suppose I will find out either way!

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Country players do this all the time.  They call it 'High Strung Guitar' where the lower strings are light gauge (or like the first three strings in a guitar set).  It's really cool. Big jangle


On Dec 4, 2008, at 10:38 AM, George Ludwig wrote:

This is an awesome idea! I'd never heard of it. I will have to try it asap. The only question...which guitar to re-string and set up? I imagine this would also work fine with an electric or semi-hollow body.

Decisions, decisions...

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Once I was talking to a guy that used G-G-G-G-G-G. A bit spectacular
maybe. Another good tuning for zing-zing-a-zing backing acoustic is to
change the three lower strings to thinner strings that are tuned the
same but one octave higher. Then you simply play the chords as usual
and get kind of minimal chords, never wider than a triad, but with a
very rich and layered tone. For recording, in a pop band context, this
is an awesome trick. The problem with recording acoustic guitar is
always that it has too much bass, so why not simply take out those too
bassy strings and add three more of the strings that sound good in a
mix together with drums, bass and vocals! Lush!