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Re: Alternate Guitar Tunings (OT)

I'm with you Daryl, I have messed with alt tunings some but when I play I 
always use standard. Well until I met your partner Jim Goodin (virtually). 
have taken up the oud, tuning E A B E A D which I find that damnd B string 
course to be very counter intuitive to the way I play. I still "think" 
guitar. And being fretless it's taking alot of practice to be acurate. I 
love it though and new things keep my old brain from atrophying (I hope). 
For guitar though after all these years I have not even scratched the 
surface with the good old standard. Ahh, so many notes, so little time..



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> Yup, called the "Nashville tuning" in fact (though traditionally it
> changes the bottom four strings, using a 12-string set). Pat Metheny
> uses it a lot, in particular on his "One Quiet Night" record, albeit on
> a baritone guitar.
> I played exclusively in DADGCF for five years, which was great for rock
> and helped me break out of certain ruts, but I never use alternate
> tunings anymore because I know I'll never be as comfortable as in
> standard tuning. I always want to be able (or aspire to be able) to play
> what jumps into my head at any given time, and playing in a different
> tuning is a handicap, to me, for that goal.
> Daryl Shawn
> www.swanwelder.com
> www.chinapaintingmusic.com
>> If I recall, that' an old Nasville country music recording trick.
>> You can hear it on many C&W hits of the 50s, 60s and 70s.
>> Not done so much any more though.
>> On Dec 4, 2008, at 12:57 AM, Per Boysen wrote:
>>> Another good tuning for zing-zing-a-zing backing acoustic is to
>>> change the three lower strings to thinner strings that are tuned the
>>> same but one octave higher. Then you simply play the chords as usual
>>> and get kind of minimal chords, never wider than a triad, but with a
>>> very rich and layered tone.


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