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Re: effective mobius,mixer and soundcard routing

> shit man looks like this is it!!!!
He,he. Happy you've found a useful starting point ;-)

> any comments on it,reviews?how good are the drivers?latency with mobius?
Please, let's not start this RME vs. Motu discussion again..
To sum it up:
- RME seems to be best and worry-free
- I guess there have been some driver problems with MOTU in the past 
(rather Windows side however, not Mac)
- However, I haven't found anyone who really had problems with a Motu 
Ultralite. And I have talked with several people selling them regularly.
- Things might be different if you really want to use it also as 
designated high-end recording interface. Then mic pre quality etc could 
make an RME more favorable, I guess...

But this is all speculation. I have never heard anyone unhappy with one of 
- RME Fireface 400
- Motu Ultralite
- Echo AudioFire4

Please correct me, folks, if you have different experience on this.

>Always fun to talk about designing flexible looping rigs! 
The problem is: You first think you know what you want/need. Then your 
needs/desires change... Look at Luis' problem: he didn't think he'd need 
post-fxs when he got his mixer...
My experience is that I've never ever regretted getting any gear that was 
two sizes too large (and expensive...) at the beginning - it was just 
perfect after a few years. :)

best regards

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