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Re: effective mobius,mixer and soundcard routing

sometimes i like to increase the reverb very high while an agressive loop 
is going,pause the loop abruptly and while the reverb is trailing off fade 
in something else,yes sometimes i like that mechanical angular feel when 
you have every other instrument treated with reverb and you pause it 
abruptly and the retrigger it nice effect!
i dint use many efx for the acoustic other than a couple of stomps,delay 
octave and boost,i an content with the mackies complementary eq and reverb.

> I use the same kind of rig, ie no post loop processing.
> However I play
> my instruments through reverb, pre looper, and I would
> never do like
> you are saying: simply pausing my loops. The way I do it is
> to play
> something on my instrument as I pause my loops - in order
> to have the
> reverb treated live sound mask the dry loop ending (loops
> are not
> "dry" though, since lots of reverb are recorded
> as part of the loops,
> but that even makes it sound more odd when you simply mute
> them
> without covering up on the live instrument)
> -- 
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> Per Boysen
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> www.looproom.com (international)
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