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Re: effective mobius,mixer and soundcard routing


> But isnt there a soundcard outhere that has all its individual outs to a 
>simple integrated software mixer with 3 band eq and simple reverb effects 

one solution (if you for whatever reason decide not to use a software
reverb/compression/EQ solution) might be the TC Konnekt24D.

It has four inputs (two of them with micpres) and outputs each, plus a
pair of ADAT I/O for expandability, plus two (mono) channel strips of
fullrange or multiband compression and EQ (Finalizer IP) and one
Reverb send effect (M6000 IP). So this will only work with a maximum
of four (mono) input channels, of which only two get dynamics/EQ.

I'm somewhat surprised about your comment about the firebox - using
the ASIO drivers, I could always address the outputs individually from
my host application (although I've never tried that with Mobius, but
it sure works with Live).