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Re: a moronic question

As far as conga samples goes this is it


it dont get better than that!


> In seeking for a sample library claiming to replicate an
> instrument
> such as conga (with all the little nuances, slides, mutes
> etc. perhaps
> the more expensive the better.
> If i client wants "real" instruments but is not
> perared to pay them
> (as in the case of the orchestra) the next level would be
> the most
> sophisticated sample library of whatever instruments you
> desire to
> compose with.
> In my case, that would be percussion (I now know why there
> so few
> percussionist/drummer live loopers respectively)
> Ill repeat the question i asked earlier.
>  If one is looking for a sample library with the most
> "authenticity"/"realness" in sound,
> what library pack would you
> recommend for your respective instruments (to open it up,
> but
> percussionists?). or what company is in the lead-quality
> wise.
> Respect
> Byron