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effective mobius,mixer and soundcard routing

Hi loopers,
i have different instruments plugged in to my compact pro fx8 mackie mixer 
then i go stereo out of the mixer into my soundcard and from there 
straight into the speakers.My soundcards fireiwre out straight into my 
macbook and mobius.Everything is cool,except when i puse my loops it 
sounds very abrupt and dry because there is no post proccesing.I would 
like to therefore take avantage of  my mixers eqs and reverb to warmup the 
sound coming out of the soundcard before it goes into the speakers.
What would be the most effective way to route this,is it possible to bring 
back the outs of the soundcard back into the mixer without creating 
my mixer does not have alt 3/4 outs,but here is the specs:
thanx for your tips!