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RC-50 sub output vs. phones output volume

I have some questions for any rc-50 users out there.

1)I was planning on monitoring with headphones on the sub output so I
could send the guide and main to the sub out and only I could hear the
guide track on my headphones. I got a y adpator cable so I could plug
my headphones into the left and right of the sub out but its much
quieter then the phones out. I have to turn the guide to full volume
to be able to hear while I'm playing and then that drains out my
loops. Any ideas? Maybe I should get a small headphone amp to boost
the level out of the sub out? I know the guide is pretty cheesy but I
need some way to keep my phrases all sync'ed up and loop sync doesn't
seem to make clean loops. (maybe its just my lack of technique though,
I'll keep experimenting)

It seems like turning off tempo sync, loop sync, and loop quantize
makes the cleanest loops but if you are in multi mode then each of
your loops will drift off from each other over time. I'd love to hear
how you other rc-50 owners work it out your phrase timing and tempos.

2) I notice when I turn the volume knob for Instrument input I get
crackle and noise but it stops once I stop turning it. Any one else
have a problem with this and I can it be fixed easily with some

3) Does anybody have a problem with the rc-50 always doubling your
tempo. I set the tap tempo to quarter note = 52 but once I finish my
loop it changes the tempo to 104. Maybe it because I'm looping two
measures to start?

-Todd Matthews