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Rythm versus Pulse (was Loop sw with varispeed & example clips)

mark francombe schrieb:
> which someone is dubiously" calling "polyrythmical".
> I guess we posted at the same time here, Per.. oops sorry... Im sure you 
> are NOT being dubious about you use of the word polyrithmik..
> BUT... your clips, nice sounding as they are.. BTW.. do actually prove 
> my point... they are predominately UN-rhythmic in the first place, more 
> of the ambient bed type, sound..

Here we could start a discussion about rhythm versus pulse. I'd say 
every pulse is a rhythm, but not every rhythm has a pulse. Thus it 
remains rhythmical...

Any music has a rhythm I'd call it the sense of time, the way we 
perceive that a musical event has its correct time. Even my definition 
of groove would include that.
If you ever listened to good free jazz drummers, I'd say they play a 
groove without a pulse...


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