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Re: Voicetone Create (was: RC-50 vs. Laptop Setup: cost comparison)

Hi, you can also download the Voicetone Create's 'Advanced edit manual' 
the tc Hellicon site.


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Subject: Voicetone Create (was: RC-50 vs. Laptop Setup: cost comparison)

Hi Luis

> I ma interested in the tweak possiblities of the voice tone create,how
> good is it? i am really interested in its delays,distortions and eqs

I really love it and it's an essential part of my vocal fx chain.

I can tell you more, but just briefly:
Reverb sounds great. Both Reverb and Delay (tap, echo, ping pong, limited 
multi delay...) have tons of options.

People think you have to stick to the 99 patches installed. Absolutely 
You can store 99 patches that you tweak yourself and put 10 of them on 
access spots.

Tweaking is really great! Especially the audio routing is incredible.
On the down side of tweaking: The learning curve is steep (but I can help 
you with that ;-) and you might even want to keep an Excel sheet with your 
Once you get familiar with it, however, you can patch it pretty easily. 
it's definitely not for tweaking on the fly. Rather, for defining your 
favorite patches, storing them and that's it.

Feature-wise, delay options are great. You can also use Tap Delay with the 
right pedal button. You can control the pedal buttons also manually, btw. 
You can also tap tempo for delay.
Distortiion is absolutely unuseable!! Either massive feedback or too low 
volume.  There is no compression or EQ. The options for assigning 
to X&Y knobs is limited. And if you accidentally change a parameter, there 
is no undo/reset/escap - you have to unplug/replug the power.

What is great are the really subtle nuances on Reverb and Delay. Also the 
modulation (flanger, phaser, pitch etc) is really nice. You can get really 
interesting effects with it. And again: All the routing options give you a 
lot to play with.

So, it's definitely worth giving it a try, if you:
- need a small, robust box for your fx chain that covers Reverb and more 
subtle FX (delay, chorus, flanger etc.)
- are willing to invest some time for tweaking/experimenting
- are happy with a basic set of (customized) fx patches that you don't 
to tweak/modulate on the fly.

best regards

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