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Re: Voicetone Create (was: RC-50 vs. Laptop Setup: cost comparison)

Thanx Buzap,i am debating between this one and the digitech vocalist 4,i 
cant believe there is no EQ on the tone create!what if u want those 
telephone type effects?but yes nice long reverbs and delays for 
soundscaping is also what i am very interested in,i just love how small 
they are!


--- On Tue, 11/18/08, Buzap Buzap <buzap@gmx.net> wrote:

> From: Buzap Buzap <buzap@gmx.net>
> Subject: Voicetone Create (was: RC-50 vs. Laptop Setup: cost comparison)
> To: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
> Date: Tuesday, November 18, 2008, 3:05 AM
> Hi Luis
> > I ma interested in the tweak possiblities of the voice
> tone create,how
> > good is it? i am really interested in its
> delays,distortions and eqs
> I really love it and it's an essential part of my vocal
> fx chain.
> I can tell you more, but just briefly:
> Reverb sounds great. Both Reverb and Delay (tap, echo, ping
> pong, limited multi delay...) have tons of options.
> People think you have to stick to the 99 patches installed.
> Absolutely not! You can store 99 patches that you tweak
> yourself and put 10 of them on quick access spots.
> Tweaking is really great! Especially the audio routing is
> incredible. 
> On the down side of tweaking: The learning curve is steep
> (but I can help you with that ;-) and you might even want to
> keep an Excel sheet with your settings.
> Once you get familiar with it, however, you can patch it
> pretty easily. But it's definitely not for tweaking on
> the fly. Rather, for defining your favorite patches, storing
> them and that's it.
> Feature-wise, delay options are great. You can also use Tap
> Delay with the right pedal button. You can control the pedal
> buttons also manually, btw. You can also tap tempo for
> delay.
> Distortiion is absolutely unuseable!! Either massive
> feedback or too low volume.  There is no compression or EQ.
> The options for assigning parameters to X&Y knobs is
> limited. And if you accidentally change a parameter, there
> is no undo/reset/escap - you have to unplug/replug the
> power.
> What is great are the really subtle nuances on Reverb and
> Delay. Also the modulation (flanger, phaser, pitch etc) is
> really nice. You can get really interesting effects with it.
> And again: All the routing options give you a lot to play
> with.
> So, it's definitely worth giving it a try, if you:
> - need a small, robust box for your fx chain that covers
> Reverb and more subtle FX (delay, chorus, flanger etc.)
> - are willing to invest some time for
> tweaking/experimenting
> - are happy with a basic set of (customized) fx patches
> that you don't want to tweak/modulate on the fly.
> best regards
> Buzap
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