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RE: looping video with LoopyCam; looping music and graphics simultaneously

> awesome Tim. Are you planning to sell this system in a box? 

No plans to sell it in its current form -  it's cobbled together from
various pieces.  If someone is familiar with using Freeframe (visual
effects) plugins and OSC (Open Sound Control), I would be willing to give
them the Freeframe plugin I wrote which does the looping and responds to 
for controlling it.

I'm going to be installing it as an installation in the front window of the
ATA Theater/Gallery on Valencia Street in San Francisco, from December 8th
to the 31st or so, so people walking by can loop themselves.  It won't be
quite as compelling as the Climate Theater show, I suspect, since the
looping control will be automated.  I'll be doing a 'performance' with it 
the opening of the installation, on Dec 8th.