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Re: Newbie Looper wants ta share...

try soundcloud.com


2008/11/13 Byron Howell <howell.byron@gmail.com>:
> Ok so I have finally stopped reading about looping and actually played 
> looping.
> My first errrr, piece, loop, section whatever that i have rendered and 
> into mp3 format to share
> The aim of my project was to get a system going and, what with the
> acrobatics that go into setting up a studio (cables, plaugs, reaching 
> tables to et something that just doesnt fit...system crashes.....system
> failure, tangled cables....almost blew the house up) for the
> 'drummer'........it was a slight ordeal, but i got it ahppening
> Spine shifting, morphing resetting keeping me in the nbook realm. 
> have something to send...my first shout out to all ya loopers in a 
> form.
> Very small, very gentle, but the first of many.............
> How do I send it through?
> Gmail takes forever for me to simply tranfer the mp3 to anyone.
> Is there a file saring service that you use?
> Whats the best possible way to post an mp3 file other than through my 
> account?