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Re: Loop software with varispeed

I'm not a software dude, but varispeed is my most prized tool in 
looping, from the Digitech PDS to my current tape setup. I wish I had 
the ability to slow all the way down to subsonic pitch, and all the 
other way to hypersonic too. I'm now looking for a Hiwatt tape echo 
(anyone tried one?) since it includes foot-controlled ability to affect 
tape speed.

Mark and Per mentioned slew, which I think is a fantastic thing and if I 
were to go to software I'd lobby hard for control over it. I use the 
half/reg/double tape speed switch on my four-track to get octave jumps, 
and I love the sound of the machine ramping up or down to the new pitch. 
My previous machine (Yamaha) had an especially slow and dramatic slew 
when shifting down, and I miss it terribly.

Daryl Shawn