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Re: OT: Zoom H4 bass response

"turnitdown"? TURNITUPP!!
fwiw-i play really loud-massive volume is my focus.
i recorded @ MERMEN studio in SantaCruz the day before Y2K8-
for 5 hrs. i was @ 62 hz. 120db. No EarPlugs!! lofi loop junky in effect!
i've never liked earplugs-headphones or anything to mess w/ the 
physicalness of sound.
i have found the sternum/chest cavity to be a great sensor for sound :-)
anyway-worx for mi.
>S T A N O S A U R<

>Shayne Cafferata wrote:
>> any tips for mixing a high volume performance? 
>not really, I'd just say "turn it down" :-)
>Maybe it's best just to consider that if people liked what you did,
>then you're getting it right.
>The only good tip I can give you is get some good earplugs, and avoid
>the tinnitus which will unavoidably plague you if you don't.
>andy butler