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Re: What's experimental?

That's fine, Mark. You can call yourself anything, because that is your choice, and you know what you are and how you want to brand your art. But having ran this festival for 3 years in a row, and struggling with keeping the momentum and support, something as simple as a term and how it is interpreted by local people who are already hesitant enough to check out something new, is an important marketing task.  "Experimental" no longer conveys the vision of my festival, and if attendees are not resonating well with the term and are more open to "Creative" and "Improvisational" (and this now applies to the visual and theater artists who are now joining forces with me), then for cripes sake I'm going to listen to them, because they are the ones who attend and fill the seats, not my abstract thoughts and debates in an email list.

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This is getting a bit anal now... I call myself an experimental musician, just cos I dont play pop songs or jazz or heavy metal, or country.. thats it really... Im not particularly "experimental" when I compare myself to Cage, or oh.. I dunno, Merzbow... but everyone I work with thinks Im pretty far out... HA! My work is done!