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Re: Obama

>You know SP Goodman. We have been eating the shit sandwich that 'W.' has 
>been feeding us for the last 8 years. You can be bitter all you want, but 
>think this election speaks volumes about the American people.

Using that language you sound more bitter than I could possibly be, at 
in your mind.  Yeah, the American People may have pulled a Carter here.  I 
can only hope for the best, and wait for O-Man's cracks in the thin vaneer 
of his image to show.

> I am so proud of this country after 8 yrs of tremendous shame and 
> unchecked aggression.

Because a lot of people succumbed to a superior marketing machine that 
really told you anything about the man?

> However, now that Obama is president elect it is time to hold him to his 
> word and I am ready to do that.

I'll wait for that too.  An interesting analysis of the vote I read here - 
and not a lot of Brits know the slightest thing about the American 
process, frankly, though they love vaguely blathering on about how awful 
is - pinpointed the demographics of those who voted for the Big O, 
of Baby Boomers.  Such folks haven't known what the column referred to it 
"the politics of scarcity", having been raised in comparatively prosperous 
surroundings, with the biggest thing they ever worried about being the 
of gas.  While I don't think it's that black-and-white (am I allowed to 
that now?), I think it's an issue.

The Anonymous I have protested with against the Scientology cult here in 
England - mostly between ages 16-30 - are not knife-wielding yobs with 
pregnant 'partners' in running suits, but rather young people with an 
interest in the future, without the bullshit fed to us every day by PR 
departments.  I can at least hope, while having been out of the US for 
seven years since my last visit, that the students persuaded to vote for 
O-Man (by supposedly impartial people who wore their Obama buttons while 
signing up people to vote) may well be more aware than their silly parents 
were, more discriminating, and willing to call O-Man on his lies, when he 
tells them.  If they do they'll display a lot more courage and integrity 
than the press has.

SP Goodman