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Re: OT Re: If the world could vote

I can see wanting to repair ill will, especially from the perspective of 
US wanting to set an example.  I agree there is a common "embarrassment" 
about how the US (this President) has acted on many fronts; but again, our 
desire to make us right with the world is, the more I think about it, 
singularly  a trait of citizens of the US (and perhaps Great Britain if 
digs deeper) and I'm not sure too many other countries' folks would take 
this tack when they vote their leaders in (at least the ones who allow 

I'm first generation here in the States and having had family and friends 
that grew up never being able to vote makes me all the more thankful for 
process we have here to vote people in (and out!)

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>> Yet in national politics we need to be loved....Very few countries  in 
>> the rest of the world show concern to what the rest of the world  
>> of their candidates.  Just an observation...
> I don't think it stems from the need to be admired, much less loved.  
> because US policy--in large part determined by its president-- 
> has such an enormous impact on so many parts of the world. We've 
> squandered all the good will that much of the world had toward us  post 
> 9-11. We've alienated so many allies. We've brought misery and  
> to many parts of the world much more often than we've  brought hope and 
> good will. I think (frankly) many of us here  (speaking for myself, 
> certainly) are embarrassed, shocked, and  outraged and what's transpired 
> these past 8 years. At least now we  have a face to present to the rest 
> the world that is conciliatory  instead of combative, level-headed 
> of impulsive, (ahem...)  intelligent (!!) instead of anti-intellectual, 
> and God knows, one  that is *not* jingoistic, even while still being 
> patriotic. I'm so  relieved that we'll be showing the world a new face, 
> not because I  want the rest of the world to give us a big hug, but 
> because I think  we may be able to repair much of the damage that's been 
> done and the  ill will that we've cultivated.
> Jeff