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Re: OT Re: If the world could vote

> Yet in national politics we need to be loved....Very few countries  
> in the rest of the world show concern to what the rest of the world  
> thinks of their candidates.  Just an observation...

I don't think it stems from the need to be admired, much less loved.  
It's because US policy--in large part determined by its president-- 
has such an enormous impact on so many parts of the world. We've  
squandered all the good will that much of the world had toward us  
post 9-11. We've alienated so many allies. We've brought misery and  
suffering to many parts of the world much more often than we've  
brought hope and good will. I think (frankly) many of us here  
(speaking for myself, certainly) are embarrassed, shocked, and  
outraged and what's transpired these past 8 years. At least now we  
have a face to present to the rest of the world that is conciliatory  
instead of combative, level-headed instead of impulsive, (ahem...)  
intelligent (!!) instead of anti-intellectual, and God knows, one  
that is *not* jingoistic, even while still being patriotic. I'm so  
relieved that we'll be showing the world a new face, not because I  
want the rest of the world to give us a big hug, but because I think  
we may be able to repair much of the damage that's been done and the  
ill will that we've cultivated.