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OT: new release "String Theories"

Hi LD,

Sorry for  off topic.
this is my new release information.

Compilation based on string instruments as primary sound source.
Limited edition of 400 handnumbered copies in cardboard sleeve with insert.

1. Relapxych.0 : Feedback Rain (Edit) (14:19)
Sound sources used: Guiter and various recordings of water.

2. Sunao Inami : The Shortest Tree (12:00)
Equipments used: Jerry Jones Longhorn Bass6,Ableton Live and Mac Book Pro.

3. Randy Greif : ...And The Sky Became The Sea (17:24)
For this track I decided to deconstruct a portion of a Spanish 
flamenco song as the sole source for my contribution entitled.

4. If, Bwana / Evan Leed : Screaming (16:23)
Al Margolis - guitar, Evan Leed - Electronics etc.

5. Pendro : Golar Wash (10:50)
Instruments: Oud,Semi-Acoustic Bowed Guitar,Violin. Processing: 
Audiomulch,Cool Edit

Label: Metamorph Records
Catalog#: META001
Format: CD, Compilation, Limited Edition
Country: UK
Released: Oct 2008
Genre: Electronic, Rock
Style: Abstract, Drone, Experimental




  Sunao Inami