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Acoustic Sim [was: bbe sonic maximizer]

Tim Nelson wrote:
> Similarly, I sometimes use a Boss Acoustic Simulator pedal not to make 
>an electric sound like an acoustic (it doesn't), but as a way to set up 
>two distinct foot-switchable tone settings, like one would do with EQ or 
>by selecting pickups.
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Not wanting to mud the maximizer thread..
Tim, would you mind tell me in which arrangement your use of the Boss 
Acoustic Simulator is apparent enough to be judged?

I've often thought about obtaining one.  I'm quite aware it'll never be 
like the real thing; still, using a clear wideranging guitar (basswood 
body and OBL 450 pickups) does give me a nice harmonics rich tone, 
especially when using (not too much) harmonizing with a subtle amount of 
multipole chorous (using a Digitech TSR-24S).
I might get closer to a semi-acoustic tone with such a pedal..

van Sinn