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Re: Can you help me evaluate 2 computers for live looping purposes

hi michael,

a friend had problems with audiomulch and a toshiba running vista. also, the macbook, not pro, can't run mainstage due to graphics card incompatibility.

my 0.02.

2008/10/11 Michael Peters <mp@mpeters.de>
I'm also about to buy a Windows notebook for music purposes. My dealer (from
a large music store) recommends a Dell Studio 1735, and he also recommends
Vista over XP. He said that Vista has gotten much better, and that all the
music apps he uses (and he uses a lot) run ok under Vista. He said Vista
would be a better choice than XP because it utilizes the dual processor much
more effectively than XP can. Can anyone confirm that? Is any of our
favorite tools still incompatible with Vista? I'll probably use a
combination of Bidule, Moebius (or the new Matthias Grob Loop plugin), and a
bunch of VST plugins, including samplers.


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