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Re: Can you help me evaluate 2 computers for live looping purposes

The Gateway desktop is a very good value.  It got good reviews on cnet
and Newegg back when it was new.  I wouldn't worry too much about
Vista, the graphics card is powerful enough.  If you can get XP for no
additional charge I wold do that, but don't pay extra.  There are
ways to disable most of the Vista crap people hate, I've been using
Vista now for a year with no problems.

The laptop would be risky.  1GB is just barely enough especially
if it comes with Vista.  I can't tell what kind of graphics card
it has, but low-end laptops usually have "integrated" graphics
that share memory with the processor which isn't good for stable
audio streaming.  Celerons aren't especially fast but should be enough
for just looping.  If you want to also use some CPU insensitive plugins
like pitch shifters and amp modelers it might not be enough.