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Re: Y2K8 FULL COLOR COMMEMORATIVE T-SHIRT orders open for this week only

Any pictures of the shirts?

On Wed, Oct 1, 2008 at 10:03 PM, Rick Walker <looppool@cruzio.com> wrote:
The Artwork for this year's festival really has turned out so nicely
that we've decided to offer a t-shirt to commemorate the festival.

Ted Killian our wonderful and generous artist (and performer)
has made a deal to have really high quality full color reproduction
of the poster on a t-shirt.

Because of a new printing technology,  we can only offer the t-shirt in white
with a pretty large graphic on it and we would like to get people who are
interested to commit to buying one before we order them.

The t-shirts will cost $20 for all sizes
and $22 for XX and XXX sizes.

Proceed will go towards paying our generous volunteer staff at the
festival due to the lack of donations for this year's festival because
of the economy.

In fact,  if anyone is feeling generous,  we will accept small donations this
year so that we can pay our staff like we did last year for the first time.

These people work for 30 hours of the festival.........it's an intense labor of love.

Anyone interested should e-mail me immediately with
a committment to buy a shirt.
We can exchange money and t-shirts at the entrance to the festival
on Friday, Saturday or Sunday.

We won't be mailing anyone t-shirts so we'll have to make exchanges at the festival.

Let Ted and I know by putting
Y2K8  T-SHIRT   in the subject line as an indication that you promise to buy one of these shirts.

We don't have enough funds to do any overruns so we'll only order shirts now.

Thanks a lot, everyone.............looking forward to seeing you all soon.

yours,  Rick