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Re: Mobius first impressions... and questions.

> But i still love hardware,much sexier than stearing at a laptop and  
> dealing with mouses,so if Matthias comes up with a new hardware  
> stereo EDP with better sound quality upgradable and loop storage and  
> new cool functions i am buying one!

I hope to get there!
> oh,and with his beautiful old logo offcourse;-)

you mean LOOP ? one of the first things I did on my first mac in  
1990 ;-)
> www.myspace.com/luisangulocom
> --- On Tue, 9/30/08, mark francombe <mark@markfrancombe.com> wrote:
>> From: mark francombe <mark@markfrancombe.com>
>> Subject: Mobius first impressions... and questions.
>> To: "loopers-delight" <Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com>
>> Date: Tuesday, September 30, 2008, 12:59 PM
>> Hi guys,
>> As many of you know from my previous rants aginst the
>> "laptop loopers" I am
>> a self proclaimed "hardware head" (its a medical
>> condition you know).
>> But I thought I would write a few notes to the group
>> regarding my first
>> experiences of.. wait for it, wait for it.... MOBIUS!!!
>> But first a raison d'Ítre: I was going to be at Y2k8,
>> and perform. I was
>> planning a NEW IMPROVED streamlined flight friendly case,
>> empty of loopers
>> (that I could borrow en situ) but full of... well my stuff.
>> (synth modules,
>> joysticks, and pitchshiftin, bit crushing madness.) It was
>> then that it
>> happened, I considered it, for the first time... laptop...
>> gulp... and
>> mobius...
>> As some of you know I have had to cancel my trip and
>> performance, cos my
>> better half Hilde has been diagnosed with Cervical Cancer
>> and we have just
>> started her Radiation and Chemo therapy yesterday... some
>> things come before
>> looping guys. (and girls...go get them thar smear tests..
>> don't walk...
>> run... )
>> Why have I always been against software, well it all stems
>> from a period
>> where I only produced music on computer, its was great... I
>> did 2 maybe
>> three great albums, using predominately Audio Mulch... I
>> was drawn in by the
>> wealth of possibilities, the infinate versions, radical mix
>> after radical
>> mix... I dreamt up instruments, then I created them, in
>> SynthEdit or
>> Reactor, I micro edited samples down at the sample level,
>> building sounds
>> from scratch, morphing one thing into another, I made
>> aleatoric systems that
>> played themselves getting their only data from weather
>> pressure data from an
>> alaskan website, I listened and recorded actual live police
>> radio from
>> Saracuse, it was a blast!!!
>> But then I added up the amount of hours spent at a
>> computer. As a film-maker
>> as my dayjob, then coming home and using a computer for
>> fun... I was sat
>> there.. 18 hours a day, in front of the screen.
>> So I went back to the (now dusty rack and modular synth)
>> and never looked
>> back... until now (Here comes the Mobius stuff for those
>> that thought this
>> was a Mobius review).
>> I thought.. so what if I just had my guitar and a
>> laptop..(reintroducing the
>> guitar should keep it physical) and so for a mere 3 hours
>> last night I gave
>> it a go.
>> I was mightily impressed.
>> But not without some reservations.
>> First-up I should say I couldnt get my FCB1010 to work with
>> it. I should say
>> that I will buy a PC lap and a decent sound/midi card when
>> I have completely
>> convinced myself, but for now I thought I would try it out
>> with my M audio
>> Ozone. Imagine my dismay when I went round the back of the
>> keyboard and
>> looked at "That other midi plug that should be midi
>> IN"... Oh no.. its
>> something called USB in... not a USB socket, but a midi
>> plug, not sure what
>> its for, but it aint midi IN... so no pedal power for
>> now...
>> And I think THAT issue would probably solve all my
>> problems. As everyone
>> knows, you cant loop with a mouse click... impossible, but
>> I tried, oh and
>> this with the new mac version. I will get a PC do do this
>> eventually, so I
>> can run it inside Mulch (anyone using Mobius in Mulch
>> BTW... works?? or??)
>> Sound quality was excellent, I think I probably have to
>> change the noise
>> floor setting, cos it was writing Overdubs every loop, even
>> though I wasnt
>> playing anything (that is the same as on the EDP right...?
>> Dont play, no
>> overdub??)
>> I loved the fact that I could now SEE what was happening
>> with the overdub
>> layers, with the quantized up-coming commands.
>> I was annoyed by the fact that one track stayed in Overdub
>> when I switched
>> to another... any need for that?
>> And is it still recording into that first track while you
>> make a new track?
>> So actually I DIDNT like that it had multiple tracks, I
>> could use ONE more
>> than the edp... so two... and I like that they are stereo,
>> but I found
>> myself going to new tracks all the time, like it was a
>> repeater, and that
>> makes a different kind of music... that is unweildy and
>> repetative, one that
>> you cant change in a moment cos everything is spread across
>> tracks... god 4
>> tracks is too many on the Repeater for me!!
>> None of the speed change or pitch shift things worked
>> (apart from the EDPish
>> hlfspeed, worked fine) but thats probably a mac version
>> port thing-soon to
>> be fixed.
>> It distorted quite easily for me after a few overdubs, prob
>> need to fiddle
>> with gain structure I guess, but I am used to be able to
>> and stroke it...
>> LOVED the idea of the track slip thing (is this the same as
>> on the repeater?
>> Should it slip by cycles, beats.. what?) unfortunatly that
>> crashed Mobius on
>> my machine...
>> Also LOVED the idea of different presets on each track.
>> (But needed to
>> figure out how to change the default settings) Does ANYONE
>> have UN-synched
>> tracks as a default? Why?
>> And seriously intrigued (but not enough time to try) by the
>> scripts thing.
>> One of my current techniques is to fire a bunch of midi
>> notes at my EDP from
>> my drum-machine. I regularly have pre worked-out sequences
>> for example...
>> that overdubs then changes the 8ths setting then goes half
>> speed, reverse,
>> normal speed, forward, multiply... then 25 undos in a row.
>> Now Im NOT SURE
>> if scripts will let me do the same thing... but I think
>> so... and more
>> besides... record on track one after an 8th, switch to
>> track 2, repeat
>> across all tracks, wher all tracks are pre pitched to
>> different notes, THEN
>> after one bar stop record on one and insert one space
>> later... bla bla
>> bla...
>> What does "Shuffle" do? Button didnt seem to do
>> anything.
>> I am yet to be able to say how it FEELS... This has been
>> one of my things in
>> previous posts, that just like a favoured guitar, where you
>> love the action
>> or the tone, and how it sits against your knee, a looper
>> has FEEL. The EDP
>> to me has lots of FEEL, I play WITH it, forget it, it
>> surprises me, yet
>> never tricks me. My OTHER looper the repeater, has NO FEEL,
>> I like its
>> features, but I must treat it like a tape machine, I switch
>> it on, it
>> records, it loops, it does what I tell it, but I cant
>> forget it, one Undo,
>> and 4 tracks means I lose myself in where what is, I need
>> to remove
>> something and take down the wrong track
>> Now... with Mobius inside Mulch... with different tracks
>> coming out to
>> different bubbleblowers? shiiiiiiiit..
>> So im not there yet... would like some feeback on these
>> questions, but I
>> will probably joint the Mobius list and hang out for a
>> bit...
>> Need to borrow a new soundcard witha midi IN and try it
>> with FCB.. maybe the
>> FEEL is ok... man...
>> By the way.. where is the Mobius list, couldnt find it at
>> Yahoo...
>> thats it for now... good first impresions... but scared
>> what the future
>> might bring (in more ways than one - see 3rd paragraph)
>> Later kids, dont stay up to late..
>> Mark
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