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RE: Mobius first impressions... and questions.

>> Yes, either set feedback back to 127 or raise the noise floor in the
>> Configuration->Global Parameters dialog.
> OK.. I dint get that.. why will setting the feedback to 127 help?

Sorry, I misspoke (or is it mistyped?).  Feedback should be
below 127 so there is some decay.  I put an automatic feedback
reduction of around 5% when you overdub (like some other
popular hardware looper :) but this isn't always enough if you're
playing loud.

>> I think it is reasonable to have an option to automatically cancel
>> any recording mode when you change tracks.

As you will find once you spend some time on the Yahoo group,
the answer to just about everything is "scripts".  While I think
this is a feature that should be built-in to Mobius, we could
give you automatic Overdub cancel by writing a script that
combined the track change with overdub cancel, then you would
use that script rather than the track selection commands.

> speed change resulted in silence, until I got it back to normal...
> wait no that was pitch shift... speed change crashed the bugger...

Okay thanks, I'll look into it.

> WAIT, didntthe EDP do something like back off the feedback during
> overdub and then back up to 100% when the loop is closed...??

Yes, I do that too, but our attenuation curves are probably different.
Even so, if you slam 4 overdubs at near 100% volume it will overload
even with feedback reduced a little.

> By the way... is SUBCYCLE the mobius name for a cycle divided
> by its 8ths setting?


> The loop windowing thing in the edp is undersyandable not there, you
> say you will implement it sometime, will this be switchable, cos there
> is really 2 ways to UNDO when the multiply has been divided... back
> thru memory (loop windowing - a combination of a cycle slip and an
> undo) and undoing down to the part thats SHOULD lie below the segment
> you have now divided down to.

Yes, if I ever get around to loop windowing I'm not sure I would
trigger it with Undo.  Personally I always want Undo to behave
consistently, take me to what the loop sounded like before I did
something.  Windowing, time shifting, whatever we call it would
probably be a different function with different options for defining
the amount of shift and the size of the resulting loop.

> I read, but forgot to test, TRIM. Is that like the repeater TRIM?

I'm not sure.  Trim Start just means to cut off the first part of the
loop up to the current location, Trim End means to cut from the current
location to the end.  So it's a way of quickly reducing the size of the
loop.  You could do something similar with EDP-style "unrounded multiply"
but it would take two taps.

There are also several forms of Divide which can be used to instantly
reduce the loop by 2, 3, or 4 (or any other divisor if you use scripts).

> to trim down a loop to a second, then using the 2 rotory encoders,
> quickly drag thru the whole loop from start to finish.

I'm not sure what that means, is it like "scratching", controlling
the loop playback speed and direction with rotary encoders?