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Re: Mobius first impressions... and questions.

I really wish you and your "better half" the best luck and energy.

Thanks Luca

I am using Mobius in Audiomulch with great success, no problems at all.


At this reference let me update you about AM: next version will be available for Mac as well; Mobius already is, so you might consider to stay on a Mac...


But is the Mac version going to stay far behind in the dev of Mobius, or will the releases catch up and be simultanious after a while? I really dont mind getting a cheap-ish PC laptop and hot interface for sole looping usage... You know I have a couple of loopers to flog (one day... when convinced)

While most of them will be "interface issues" I bet you will sort out by yourself with some use, I would like to help you save some time on the following:
-volume: I keep the output volume of each track to "110" instead of "127". this way you keep some headroom to be overloaded by growing loop layers or multiple loops.

Great TIP.. will try that next sesh...

-Speed change is still something Mobius ( dear Jeff) has to develop further, so don't expect too much out of it right now.
Aha.. well Speed change aint something Im to interested in actually, Im used to the repeater pitch shifting, and well, HALF speed is cool and double speed is cool, but can you really get some great intermediate rythums going at quater speed? or third speed... seems unlikely...