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Re: Mobius first impressions... and questions.

thanks for swift responses... as usual some swift responses to your responses

What you could try is assigning Mobius functions to keys on the Ozone
and pressing them your toe or some other mechanical apparatus.  But a cheap
MIDI interface is best.

yes i thought of this, but as u say... ill get an interface...

> (anyone using Mobius in Mulch BTW... works?? or??)

AudioMulch is one of my main testing hosts.

Hip hip hurrah!!! My favorite hosts with the edp insde.. I mean the Mobius inside... er sorry Jeff..

> think I probably have to change the noise floor setting,
> cos it was writing Overdubs every loop, even though I wasnt playing anything

Yes, either set feedback back to 127 or raise the noise floor in the
Configuration->Global Parameters dialog.

OK.. I dint get that.. why will setting the feedback to 127 help?

> I was annoyed by the fact that one track stayed in Overdub when I
> switched to another... any need for that?


I think it is reasonable to have an option to automatically cancel
any recording mode when you change tracks.


> None of the speed change or pitch shift things worked

Yes this is a Mac port issue (you probably have an Intel Mac).
Actually speed change should have worked, but pitch shift is hosed.

speed change resulted in silence, until I got it back to normal... wait no that was pitch shift... speed change crashed the bugger...

> It distorted quite easily for me after a few overdubs, prob need to
> fiddle with gain structure I guess

Yes, I frequently get asked for some form of compression because it is
easy to overload if you overdub a lot without reducing feedback.

I think that would be good, cos I never want to HAVE to go to the computer during a performance... WAIT, didnt the EDP do something like back off the feedback during overdub and then back up to 100% when the loop is closed...??

> Loved the idea of the track slip thing (is this the same as on the
> repeater? Should it slip by cycles, beats.. what?) unfortunatly that
> crashed Mobius on my machine...

In general the Mac port will be less stable than the windows version,
Slip has been around for a  long time.   I'm not sure what the Repeater
does but you can use it to slip forward to the next subcycle, cycle,
or to the loop

Yes thats basically what the Repeater did, you have 2 settings, slip by beat or slip by seconds.

By the way... is SUBCYCLE the mobius name for a cycle divided by its 8ths setting?

What does "Shuffle" do? Button didnt seem to do anything.

Shuffle is supposed to cut the loop up into pieces defined
by the 8thsPerCycle parameter then rearrange them.  A sort
of coarse grained type of granular synthesis.  See the
Shuffle Mode parameter for some options.

Wow coooool.. shame it didnt seem to work last night... will try again tomorrow.


The loop windowing thing in the edp is undersyandable not there, you say you will implement it sometime, will this be switchable, cos there is really 2 ways to UNDO when the multiply has been divided... back thru memory (loop windowing -  a combination of a cycle slip and an undo) and undoing down to the part thats SHOULD lie below the segment you have now divided down to.

OK 2 questions...

I read, but forgot to test, TRIM. Is that like the repeater TRIM? Cos that was an under used and incredible feature of that famous blue box. Unfortunately NOT accessible thru midi stupid stupid stupid!!!! I loved (already talking about the repeater in the past tense.. oh shit ) to trim down a loop to a second, then using the 2 rotory encoders, quickly drag thru the whole loop from start to finish. Problems here was that when I one end of the sample you go into silent space, not loop back from the other end.... YOU NEED THIS JEFF!!! especially if its possible to overdub at the same time... CRIKEY MY HEADS EXPLODING!!!

Night night... bedtime, need to get Hilde into the big scary machine by 8:30 in the morning!!!
(I think its Goldfinger.. or maybe Moonraker, where BOND is tied to a table and these green lasers are moving up toward his legs... that what the Radiation machine looks like... including the green lasers, except these are firing friendly beams of Joy and Happiness)