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Re: OT: Myspace music play count desaster

I see a note on Myspace this morning, saying that they're working on the 
problem, and it only relates to how the numbers are displaying, they do 
have the counts stored accurately. I see that my own counts are fixed, 
since two days ago.

Daryl Shawn

> MYSPACE features more than 5 MIO. music profile pages now, a major 
> attraction for people to join Myspace at all. Per September 26 new 
> media (music) players were introduced, realising new appreciated 
> features such as paid downloads, playlist creation etc.
> Unfortunately the transition to the new players introduced very 
> inaccurate play counts to the music players. Realistic play counts are 
> vital to 5 Mio. bands on Myspace, as they can indicate the number and 
> appreciation of their fans. These counts can eventually help a lot, 
> when booking tours, finding record labels and new fans etc.