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New looper :)


I never expected so many replies - thank you all so much for your welcome and encouragement! I've never subscribed to an email list before so apologies for the emails coming to my personal address - I was subscribed to the digest and have changed it now to email so hopefully that'll help :)

I've been really encouraged to read about all your experiences and performances as live loopers, and would be very keen to link up with any performers in the UK/Europe. I am currently formulating a PhD proposal to start in Sept 2009 which will be practice-led 'live looping' based, so I'd love to be in touch with anyone who would be interested in sharing their experiences, collaborating or performing ... drop me a line on irishkayla@gmail.com anytime!

Meanwhile I look forward to being a part of this fascinating and active community, and would like to thank Rick and all those who have emailed me and made me feel so welcome.

Kayla x