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RE: New looper :)

Welcome, Kayla.  Although I am fairly new to the site myself (a long-time lurker), it’s been a most helpful place.  I used to do a multi-instrumental show years back (I was considered a ‘utility man’ during my Nashville days), but have narrowed it down to guitars (including some rather bizarre instruments) for my solo looping performances.


There’s a lot of talent, intelligence and experience on LD—you will benefit.


I think you’ll need to adjust your email to keep replies going to the board and not to your personal address.


Wishing you well,






To: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
Subject: New looper :)


Hi guys!

I'm new to this list and thought I'd introduce myself :)

Kayla Kavanagh is a solo artist with a twist. The 29 year old Irish singer/songwriter performs live with an array of instruments, wires and technology, taking the audience on a journey from acoustic to full technology-led electronica. The music graduate qualified with an MA in Digital Performance, and is now recording her debut album Stranger than Fiction with engineer/producer Nigel Pease, fusing her traditional roots with live music technology.

This summer Kayla has been touring the UK, including performing at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Renowned for her outdoor gigs from her VW Kampervan, Kayla's unique musical abilities allow her to become a 'one woman band'. Equally at home on acoustic guitar or with a stage full of technology, her live performances feature numerous instruments, including keyboard, guitar, electric violin, flute, hammered dulcimer, looping pedals and vocoder.

To watch video of Kayla performing live looping, visit:


I've got a website at www.kaylakavanagh.com where you can see more - looking forward to being a part of Loopers Delight!

Kayla x