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Help needed: Pic of EH Microsynth insides...

I received one of the newer EH microsynth pedals to repair for a friend.
this is the reissue with the external wall wart PS. The jacks were rusted
through and wires had been disconnected from the main board. I was able to
clean it up and install new jacks and such, everything looks fine but I
need to know where the wiring attaches to the the board (it's three spots)
and then how that attaches to the 1/4" in/output jacks on the

If someone with one of these pedals could open the back and take one or
two close infocus pics of the internal jack wiring and board that would be
GREATLY appreciated. Likewise if there is such a thing on the internet I'd
be interested in the link. So far I've had no luck and I'm pretty sure I
have this puppy working ok but right now it's just either bypassed or no
sound comes out so the wiring is screwed up somehow.

Thanks for any/all help!


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