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OT: Myspace music play count desaster


This is eventually a musician survival issue.

MYSPACE features more than 5 MIO. music profile pages now, a major  
attraction for people to join Myspace at all. Per September 26 new  
media (music) players were introduced, realising new appreciated  
features such as paid downloads, playlist creation etc.

Unfortunately the transition to the new players introduced very  
inaccurate play counts to the music players. Realistic play counts  
are vital to 5 Mio. bands on Myspace, as they can indicate the number  
and appreciation of their fans. These counts can eventually help a  
lot, when booking tours, finding record labels and new fans etc.

This is eventually about how musicians can fill their fridges and pay  
their rents today.

Momentarily those play counts are generally inaacurate and oftenly  
set to zero or very low numbers. New plays are not shown as well, too.

Additionally Myspace enabled downloads only for labels contracted to  
this service, which means that the majority of bands on Myspace still  
do not have the opportunity to sell their music to their fans.

If you have a Myspace account and would like to help your favourite  
unsigned band playing shows and getting a label,
or you are affected yourself as a musician on Myspace,
then please take a look at this Myspace group and consider joining:


Any forwarding of this info is greatly appreciated as well.

Thank you very much.


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