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Re: The ethics of software emulations?

just to set this right, for now:

Gibson owns the name Echoplex, I dont know whether this makes them  
also own the popular nickname EDP, I guess not.

Aurisis owns the software and hardware construction of the EDP which  
is called LOOP - a brand we once registered but then stopped paying  
the relatively high fee...

Gibson cared about the EDP to the extent that it was made during 13  
years, but it was internally known as "sells by itself" (means: by  
LD). It was hardly visible at the music fairs and not available in  
most shops and national distributors.

Jeff and Jesse asked us whether they should remove the references to  
the EDP, but I did not think this would improve anything.
So far we did not loose anything due to their products.
I am working on the Aurisis EDP emulation, which will be harder to  
sell with those free competitors.
But its their choice and I find the open source movement fascinating,  
As Jeff sais: to make real money, we will have to build another hw  

On 27 Sep 2008, at 18:21, Jeffrey Larson wrote:

> > I am actually surprised that the makers of Mobius and Sooperlooper
> > weren't sued into the stone ages since the EDP was owned by Gibson
> 1) Gibson never cared about the EDP
> 2) We don't have any money so the best they could do is make us
>   halt distribution, which for open source software like SooperLooper
>   is practically impossible.
> 3) With the possible exception of the trademark issues I mentioned
>   earlier, we haven't done anything wrong.
> Jeff