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Re: The ethics of software emulations?

 > afaik no-one's claiming ownership of concepts.
 > ( ..or even of manuals ;-)

Yes.  I'm sorry if my comments look like they are directed at the EDP
team.  I have had private conversations with some of them and AFAIK
we'll manage to peacefully coexist.  Even if it means I have to
write a damn manual :-)

I am really just trying to make a case to the full list membership that
may have misconceptions about what Mobius is.  The IP mess
is something I have to deal with every day in my job, it is something
I'm passionate about, so I can sound harsh when something gets me going.

 > Would be nice if it was made clear that nobody ever actually
 > managed to fully emulate the EDP, it also has the uniqueness
 > that all of us value and it might be useful to acknowledge that.