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Re: EDP Synch

you read the manual, you read the faq, you search the loopers delight 
site and mailng list
why did you wait so long to be in a hurry
all this has been described hundreds of times


David Hayes a écrit :
> Thank you... firstly glad to know it works... wasted time on it 10 years 
> ago, didn't want to repeat.
> Do you know how to set it up? EDP timing synch=IN (that from memory, 
> it's not in front of me) Anything else for the EDP? How do I set up 
> Logic or Live to send the signal out... I kind of already did try this 
> and nothing happens, so obviously I'm missing something(s).
> Much thanks!
> On Sep 27, 2008, at 12:50 PM, Claude Voit wrote:
>> yes it syncs well if the daw spits out decent tight midiclock
>> why dont you try nobody has your own exact setup and way of looping 
>> anyway
>> Claude
>> David Hayes a écrit :
>>> Perhaps my previous post was too wordy...
>>> Does anyone out there use the EDP synched with their 
>>> computer/DAW/drum-software midi clock? Does synch it work well? 
>>> (Record functions as expected, stays in synch over time etc?)
>>> The old Oberheim's didn't but I have a new one now. However I haven't 
>>> tried this in 8-10 years and years so I have no idea how to set it up 
>>> properly---what settings need to be made in Logic or Ableton Live to 
>>> use the Specrasonics Stylus RMX plug in for drums (mainly) and yet 
>>> have the EDP's record/overdub/nextloop functions work as I normally 
>>> expect them to.
>>> Much thanks for any advice on the best way to use Logic (or 
>>> Mainstage) or Ableton for the routing, effects and drums for use with 
>>> live EDP looping!