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Re: The ethics of software emulations?

 > My gut feelings are as a software programmer, if I make a software
 > alarm clock, I'm not ripping off the manufacturers of physical alarm
 > clocks. And if I made a software looper (I wish!) I'm not ripping off
 > the manufacturers of hardware loopers.

Stop struggling my friend!  Your gut feelings are not only correct,
they are essential if we're ever going to make any progress.

 > But I'm interested in ethics and not law

Well, some would say that "business ethics" is an oxymoron :-)

I have been in the software business for...hmm, 27 years now.  I have
worked really fucking hard on products that were totally irrelevant a
few years later due to changes in the technology landscape.  That's just
life in the software business.

Frankly, I find the sense of entitlement that hardware people often have
when they move into the software world really annoying.  You're
swimming in the fast lane now people, deal with it.