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Re: The ethics of software emulations?

IP is weird though--imagine the legal position when a cover band "emulates" a song someone else wrote.  Money must be paid, even if it was "reverse engineered".


On Sat, Sep 27, 2008 at 12:01 PM, Jeffrey Larson <jeff@zonemobius.com> wrote:

Piracy is generally understood to mean copying the actual program
files and making them available to other people without them paying a license
fee to the software manufacturer.  Often this involves "hacking" the
executable files to remove copy protection or distributing a license
key that can be shared by everyone.

I know there are lawyers on the list so feel free to correct me, but
legally piracy is a form of copyright violation.  It is clearly
illegal and it is a big problem for the software industry.  It is one
of many reasons why it is difficult to be successful in consumer