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Re: Software looping with Mainstage - configuration update, Soundflower,Jack, etc.

Warren Sirota schrieb:
> Ok, i know this is all too many long posts, but one more thought to 
> it also occurs to me (re percussion looping), that i would be useful
> to incorporate MIDI looping along with the audio looping, because the
> possibilities for automated variance are so vast (I used to hate
> working with midi sounds, and only preferred to manipulate sampled
> audio, but these days midi sounds are soooo much better than they were
> 10 years ago).

Late reply~, but if you happen to play your loops with the wave~ object 
and a phasor~, you can use the same phasor~ to drive a seq~ object which 
can be set to record/play~ midi or whatever other event you want to 
record... It would be automatically synced, and speed can be altered 
with a rate~ object...

Alternatives for a groove~ setup is the sync ouput, for a play~ setup 
dividing the time by the loop length btw...


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