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RE: check your headers

Thanks Louie, I wrote Jeff and he and I smoothed it over and actually he 
given me a valuable education on the whole issue so I feel better even
though I'm still wiping the egg off my face. I was trying to convey to you
in a fairly inarticulate way that the LP-1 really does require digging deep
and to some degree changing and adapting certain ways of creating that were
radically different than what had previously been my main baby the 
I had only begun to work with the EDP when the LP-1 came along and it
frustrated the hell out of me because, among other things I didn't
understand re-align at the time and kept getting track drift when midied to
my RPTR. When I started using the LP-1 there were certain signature things 
couldn't do (like triggering the RPTR's tracks with my GR30's arpeggiator),
and yet I had so much extra flexibility, and had become bored with my RPTR
tricks, that I welcomed the difference and started creating in a different
way. You may be correct that Mobius is the best thing going, but I
personally am not ready financially or able to devote the time it takes to
develop a lap top rig. I see that in my future, but I'm in no way 
by the LP-1's ability to get my music across.
 See you soon for that beer :)

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From: L.Angulo [mailto:labaloops@yahoo.com] 
Sent: Friday, September 26, 2008 10:17 AM
To: billwalker@baymoon.com
Subject: Re: check your headers

Hey Bill,
Everybody was complaining that my mails were going privately and not to the
list so i changed that in my preferences,this email adress is strictly used
for Loopers Delight if you want to mail me privately you can use this one:


but is weird, sometimes i still goes privately to the person i am writting
so i always check my header.When you wrote i responded to you and made sure
it went to you only because you sent it to me privately as well.
Bro,dont feel bad there is nothing wrong with being honest about your
feelings,it might perhaps come out as a bit rude but at least you are being
honest about it,now although i dont know him personally i sense that Jeff 
an intelligent person and i am sure he is not going to hold it against
you,there have been others on the list who has said something to that 
including Kim and i think he is ready to discuss openly about it and make
his case.My opinion is that as long as it remains free there is nothing
being ripped off,now the whole marketing history of the EDP similar to the
repeater has been so uncertain and full of crap that it finally came to an
end,so i am glad somebody was observing it and working parallel with it and
now made a rencarnation of it by releasing a free software which is now 10
times better than the EDP and honestly IMHO better than any other hardware
looper out there including the LP1.If somebody now came up with a repeater
 software for free i would also cheer him up!
cheers bro


--- On Thu, 9/25/08, William Walker <billwalker@baymoon.com> wrote:

> From: William Walker <billwalker@baymoon.com>
> Subject: check your headers
> To: "'L.Angulo'" <labaloops@yahoo.com>
> Date: Thursday, September 25, 2008, 3:03 PM
> Dear Luis when I responded to your direct e-mail to me  this
> morning,  I
> didn't bother to check what address was in your header,
> but instead of the
> letter being posted directly back to you it got routed to
> loopers delight, I
> tried the same reply this afternoon to you and it was going
> to send it to LD
> instead again,  You should get that looked at as the letter
> I sent to you in
> confidence wound up on LD, and I ended up offending Jeff
> Larson not to
> mention any one else including you who got mentioned in my
> letter to you.
> Please check your email preferences, Now I feel really
> shitty for hurting
> Jeff Larson's feelings
>  Thanks
>  Bill