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Re: The wonder of Mobius

Well said, also I believe it has enhanced my listening ability quite a bit, I am much more aware of how a part will fit into the overall mix. I never thought I would ditch my amps and powered PA speaker for a laptop through stereo configuration, but that is where I am at right now. I only wish I had more time to get into more of the details of Mobius.
Thanks Jeff!

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Subject: The wonder of Mobius

A slip of the pen in 1770 could only do so much damage. 21st C technology's power tools make it so easy to saw off limbs inadvertently. Bill's apology is heartfelt and I hope puts the matter to rest, but then I'm not Jeff. 

Jeff, I just wanted to echo some things others have said about Mobius. It is an incredible source of daily joy for me, integrated into me studio as an INSTRUMENT, almost as melded with my brain as any guitar ever was... and compared to other users, I've clearly barely scratched the surface. Beyond more praise-piling, I want to mention something that doesn't get talked about much here - how looping devices in general, and for me Mobius in particular, are great tools for learning. Want to hear immediately how F# Enigmatic sounds over C#-7? Exercise your syncopation muscles in 5/8? I don't know if anyone else does this regularly, but I do, and it has been a considerable boon to my playing ability.

Jeff, many thanks, again.

Hal Dean