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Re: Mobius question.

On Fri, Sep 26, 2008 at 1:30 AM, Chris Sewell
<midifriedchicken@comcast.net> wrote
> In regards to Mobius, how does it perform when synced to Sequencers?

Don't know about that in detail, since I don't sync Mobius. But I
guess it works fine, because even in my context - where the Looper is
the sync master - seven of the loop tracks already slave sync to the
master track (where the first loop is created). I guess there wouldn't
be different if some sync master sequencer application would take over
this role from Mobius master track?

> Do you windows guys find Mobius to be noise free at the punch's ?

I'm not "a windows guy" but since I sometimes boot my MacBook into
Windows XP for Mobius I'll try to answer that anyway: Yes. Never any
audio artifact of any sort. I host Mobius VST in Bidule and lead its
summed output through a custom built three band multi compressor that
would clearly display any disturbance in the audio.

But please remember that any "noise" on a computer system doesn't
necessarily have to be related to the particular application one is
running. Quite often it happens because the user has not set up the
computer system in an optimal way (bad drivers, background processes
not turned off etc).

> Also, how does it deal with multi loops?

Mobius has eight tracks. Each track can record and cue up as many
loops as you want, and  play one loop at a time. If you want many
loops to play on the same time - blending together in a mix - record
them on different tracks.

Visualize it as a spreadsheet:
Columns: Tracks holding cued loops - one playing at a time.
Rows___: Loops ordered according to your musical arrangement (verse,
chorus, bridge...)

When you move on to the next loop, you can group tracks in order to
have all loops playing on those tracks follow the command (that
normally only affects the loop on the selected track). I use the
laptops horizontal number keys for grouping track and it only takes a
quick slide with a finger to treat lots of tracks in one go.

A cool thing with Mobius is that any sequence of commands you use on a
regularly basis can be put into a script and launched by one single
button/pedal kick.

> I am intrigued by Mobius being available for
> Macs but need to know more before I embrace another new piece of 
>software. I
> love the EDP paradigm.

Then you should really check out for the upcoming Loop 5 "EDP"
software plug-in.

Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen
www.boysen.se (Swedish)
www.looproom.com (international)