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RE: Looperlative LP1 for sale in europe

I honestly wonder if you are using the LP-1 right. Please don't take 
at that comment, but remember back to how long it took for you to get the
EDP dialed in when you were first using it. If you are having sync problems
it makes me wonder if you are using sync/record/overdub. If you use just
plain record/overdub, you are guaranteed to get track drift unless you have
perfect time. Using sync record/bounce function eliminates the need for any
kind of re-alignment procedure. Steve Lawson didn't discover the sync 
until he had been using it for two years! Also regarding the noise floor,
that doesn't sound right, you need to fead it a stronger signal perhaps or
dial in your gain staging more. It does produce more high frequencies than
an EDP, higher band width products do, and that may account for the extra
hiss you hear, you are also hearing more detail in your sound do to the
higher sampling rate. Also, not every combination of multiple functions is
going to work or give you the results you need, I recently tried to but 
record, half speed and reverse on a preset and all it did was create an
short oscillating loop. Reverse will work in combo with replace but not
record, and like the EDP reverse can be used to end a loop.
 Regarding Andy,  Bob does not have the capital like Oberheim did to pay
beta testers, in essence we all are. At the risk of offending, I honestly
wonder if you have taken the time to really dial it in. I worked with the
unit for at least 5 months before I felt like I was really getting the most
out of it. It sure didn't respond the way my repeater or EDP did initially
and caused me a lot of frustration. Also having a more complex machine
exposed the weaknesses of my FCB1010, which has its own latency issues and
buffer issues, and for, me moving to the Gordius was a god send.  I 
have expression pedals that respond smoothly. Also there should be
absolutely know conflict running both the EDP and Lp-1 from a behringer, 
I would suggest creating different preset banks for each unit rather than
trying to command them both form a single set of commands. Also , unless 
have cleared out and simplified the FCB1010's data stream you may have
problems with multiple commands confusing the LP-1. From the factory the
FCB1010 comes loaded with a whole bunch of midi commands that are designed
for the behringer modeling amps. You would be advised to turn off all but 
PC footswitch for each preset you create. Since the EDP uses midi note
commands (and some CC) and the LP-1 uses pc and cc messages you should not
have any conflicts between the two other than the mind fuck of trying to
multi task for two units. 
Lastly, I have been dialoging with Bernard Wagner whom I left an Lp-1 in
Zurich for this summer. He too is a long time EDP user who initially got
very frustrated with the LP_1 after being and EDP guy for so long.  I 
think he was impatient to get the LP-1 going for and upcoming gig, and
wishing that the learning curve was easier and less time consuming. Lastly,
Bob's first response to anyone asking for new features that are like 
looper, in your case and EDP, is to state that the LP-1 is its own animal.I
too had wished to implement some of the repeater features I love so much,
but I realized that sometimes you have to trade some features for some
others. Bob has a lot of integrity, and is not about to directly rip off
some else's design like Mobius did, right now he is adding some new
functionality for on board storage and a couple of other things for next
year's NAMM show so he's up to his eye balls. If you really want a feature,
I would lobby Rick, Steve Lawson or to a lesser degree myself, as it 
more weight with Bob if several people want the feature, and if those of us
who have been there from the beginning with him are adamant, then it sets a
precedent for him to get busy. I hope this helps and if you bring the
machine with you, I'm happy to help you diagnose the issues more 
Also , Rick has a black face and I have a beige face EDP(with LoopIV) you
could borrow when you come.

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Hey buddy,
Unfortunately ive been really having a hardtime with this device,ive
upgraded it to the latest software on Bobs recomendation,and although it
seems to be a bit better i still find it buggy,previously it was locking up
so often that i could hardly use it anymore,also i cannot use it together
with my EDP via the fcb1010 because it conflicts with it and i find it
noiser than the EDP.Its Midi response with the fcb1010 seems a bit slower
than the EDP as well.It also lacks some essential functions for me like
realigning all tracks after using a lot of functions like reverse,speed
etc.and there is no promises as Bob has said that such functions will get
implemented because the LP should be taken for what it is.Altough i respect
his view and he is doing a great job alone, i strongly believe that he
should let experienced engineers and beta testers like Andy Butler to
I think i am finally going to try to go software,mobius seems to be ahead 
the game and it has all those functions i need plus the fact that i am
acustomed to the EDP makes it a lot logical for me to use.
cheers man and thank you kindly for all your help anyway i really 


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> Why?
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> Hi Gang,
> i am going to be selling my looperlative,if anybody is
> interested please
> write me asap before i put it up in ebay.
> Thanx
> Luis
> www.myspace.com/luisangulocom