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Re: Omnisphere

Right. And if you want reverb, bring a big room with you. Or delay,  
bring a cave. Or chorus, clone yourself and play almost in sync.
On Sep 24, 2008, at 3:54 PM, Daryl Shawn wrote:

> They remixed a Jerry Lee Lewis live tune?
> Seriously, I think this is a prime use of sampling. I'm of the  
> anachronistic mindset that, if you want to hear a glockenspiel, get  
> a g*dd*mned glockenspiel, but playing a burning piano is next to  
> impossible in a studio situation. Live is a bit easier but not easy  
> to repeat, economically speaking. Same with buying 88 Ebows...
>> Per, you misread. 20 presets of Ebowed piano. Theres even a sampled  
>> piano that's on fire! Of course these are of the more esoteric  
>> variety.
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