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RE: OT- literature

As someone w/ a degree in Eng. Lit & Philosophy, as well as being a looper--I'm thrilled to hear this question and see all the wonderful suggestions.
I think two of the greatest Amercian novels written were missed ( actually, my TOP 2 Am. novels)
Gravity's Rainbow --Thomas Pynchon. My theory is, and let me tell you! This book generates many theories!--Is Pynchon wrote a "musical" novel. People are breaking into songs all over the place. Plus, he moves in and out of dreamstates, paranoid delusions, fantasies, etc. without much warning. Similar to my #2 choice:
The Sound & The Fury --William Faulkner. Figuring out the 'nature' of the narrator in the first story alone is worth the prize!
Happy reading

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Subject: OT- literature
Date: Tue, 23 Sep 2008 23:48:11 -0500

i know this isnt book club - but im hoping to find a few good books to read - anyone out there have a book that they credit with changing their lives? or atleast altering their view of reality a bit..??... if so, do share~!
im up for anything, i just read most of vonnegut - absolutely wonderful, but ive wiped out his catalogue and need a new author
- anything that will bend my mind and challenge my assumptions gets a gold star-

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