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RE: OT- literature

My lunch-time book reading for the last several years has been primarily taken from these three top 100 lists - one by the board of Modern Library, one by their readers, and then one by the Radcliffe College Publishing course.
I took the lists, combined them, crossed off the ones I already read, and then read the books that appeared on all three lists, then the books that appeared twice, etc.  Currently reading "I, Cladius" by Robert Graves.
One note: as far as I can tell, all were all orignally written in English so no translations.  Only American and/or UK writers (no Canadians!? for shame!)

Enemies are good for self-definition. Werner Herzog

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wow....absolutely incredible

i wanted to thankyou all for your suggestions - im flabbergasted with all the choices i now have.
im going to save all the emails and hopefully respond with personal thankyou's & commentary as i finish each book (this may take awhile)
this is more than enough books to last me a year or two...but if anyone feels something crucial has been left out, feel free to email me parispro00@hotmail.com
thanks again! im off to my little podunk library to see if they actually have any of this =D

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