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UK gigs 2008 Loopfest Norwich

2008 Norwich Festival of Live Looping    2 events

Saturday October 11, 1PM Norwich Arts Centre Bar,FREE

LiveLooping music is a way of extending your musical possibilities 
without resorting to the use of pre-recorded material. Sounds can be 
layered, altered, mixed and edited as the music is performed.
Each artist presented here this afternoon has been able to develop their 
own unique style of music, so it's not only an ideal opportunity to see 
live looping in action, but also just an afternoon of great music.

Per Boysen from Sweden plays alto flute and EWI. Per's control of his 
looped sounds is second to none, allowing him to create complex 
accompaniments from just short flute phrases. The EWI is an Electronic 
Wind Instrument, which can be played like a sax, but sound like any 
instrument Per imagines. Per's quirky arrangements are guaranteed to 
delight and intrigue.

Steve Bingham, a solo violinist with a successful career in classical 
music who also finds time to loop his violin, creating an eclectic mix 
of classical, folk and minimalism, with some gorgeous arrangements of 
well known songs thrown in for fun.

Steve Lawson is a solo bass guitarist, using real time looping to layer 
up processed bass sounds to build an orchestral soundscape that blends 
jazz, ambient, electronica, funk and folk music.

Lobelia's acapella voice sings us songs of love and loss, blending 
hook-laden adult pop with a more spacial ambient sensibility. Expect 
angelic choirs and witty observation.

andy butler uses special guitar techniques to create drum beats, dub 
bass lines, orchestral washes and all manner of sounds, combining them 
together into a seamless mix with some unexpected twists and turns.

http://www.looproom.com/            <<<Per Boysen
http://www.andybutler.com           <<<with audio & pics from 2007 


...and a complementary event

LiveLooping Improvisers at the Late shift,FREE

Wednesday 15 October, 5PM-8PM Sainsbury Centre for the Visual Arts

The Late Shift hosts a range of multi-media events throughout the building,
including sets from some of the worlds most accomplished live looping 


Per Boysen & andy butler
Rhythm, melody and spontaneity. A duo performance from two of live 
looping's prime innovators.
(details for these 2 performers given above)

Jeremy & Chris (aka Masse) with Stephen Scott
Jeremy Trantor (flute, kalimba, bass etc) and Chris Leeds (udu drum, 
cajon, assorted percussion) build up ultra-chilled world beat 
electronica, displaying consummate skill on their assortment of 
instruments. Then Stephen weaves in his aural guitar tapestries to 
complement .
http://www.myspace.com/sylvianfisher    <<<Stephen Scott

Montage photo of all artists:-


photo pack- NAC performers


and the following code will display a nice poster image :-

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sorry, it's a long post,
anyone still reading?

andy butler